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Search Engine Optimization

As well as producing innovative designs its vital that a website is highly functional.


Ensuring the best possible position on google and other search engines is a complex and incomprehensible task. Searching online for guidance can reveal 'quick fixes' and tricks that are often completely untrue and can even damage your google ranking.


I see myself as an SEO specialist with the knowledge to know that there are few guarantees when it comes to SEO. Instead I offer realistic ways and means to achieve the best possible results for your budget as well as advice on how to carry on building and improving your online presence long after

your website has been built.

Innovative and Progressive Design

As a designer first and a coder second I am able to focus on the design of your site without getting bogged down in code with the help of revolutionary software and an array of ever improving resources at my disposal.


This not only allows me to focus on making a website look great but also makes the process faster and cheaper than competitors offering websites of high quality.